PEGA0063 alert: Decision strategy execution time above threshold

The PEGA0063 alert is triggered when the strategy execution time, in the context of a data flow, exceeds the threshold. This alert can be generated for each shape in the strategy.

Example message text

Strategy record processing time exceeds threshold of <threshold> ms: <observed value> ms. For strategy shape <strategy shape> in data flow <data flow> run <run id> assignment <assignment id> node <node id>. Strategy shape metrics are: <strategy shape statistics>

The following variables are in the message text:

  • <threshold> is the time limit for processing a strategy shape in a specific data flow. The default value, in milliseconds, is 5000.​ The threshold value is set in the alerts/decisionStrategyTimeThreshold Dynamic System Settings.
  • <observed value> is the actual processing time for a strategy shape in a specific data flow.
  • <strategy shape> is the name of the strategy shape.
  • <data flow> is the name of the data flow where the strategy exceeded the processing time during execution.
  • <run id> is the execution run during which the processing time was exceeded.
  • <assignment id> is the ID number of the assignment during which the processing time was exceeded.
  • <node id> is the 32-character node identifier.
  • <strategy shape statistics> is the JSON dump file with the metrics of the strategy shape.

Reason for the alert

To eliminate this alert, use the JSON dump file to investigate the execution time for each strategy component (including Interaction History and Adaptive Models). Use the Test runs panel on the Strategy tab to view existing clipboard data for every strategy component, and open each component to check its settings. Modify the configuration of the shape that triggers the alert.

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