PEGA0078 alert: Number of records returned by the Compose shape is above threshold

The PEGA0078 alert is triggered when the number of records that are returned by a Compose shape in a particular data flow is above the threshold. When the number of records exceeds the configured threshold by more than 50%, an error appears.

The default value for the threshold is 250 records. The threshold value is set in the alerts/dataFlowMaxRowsInComposeThreshold dynamic system setting.

The alert can be triggered on both Run Action and Preview Action. Too many records returned by the Compose shape can cause performance issues.

Example message text

Shape <compose shape name> retrieved too many <number of rows> rows in data flow RuleKeys <keys>

The following variables are in the message text:

  • <compose shape name> is the name of the Compose shape that returned more records than the threshold.
  • <keys> are the values of the fields that are designated in the Compose shape that returned too many records for a particular identity.
  • <number of rows> is the actual number of rows returned by the Compose shape that triggered the alert.

Reasons for the alert

To eliminate this alert, check the join condition in the Compose shape for potential abnormalities and apply changes that are needed to reduce the number of records returned. If the condition is correct and the number of records can be accepted (they do not cause performance issues), consider increasing the threshold value for the alert. Increasing the heap size to accommodate for the increased number of records in memory is also an option to reduce performance issues. Contact an administrator for support.

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