PEGA0102 alert: Queue processor delayed/scheduled message processing failed

The PEGA102 alert is generated when the data flow or job scheduler responsible for processing delayed messages fails to move those messages from the database to the stream service.

Alert message

The <Data flow / Job scheduler> named <instance name> encountered an error on node {<Node ID>}. The error occurred while processing delayed items [for Queue Processor <QP name>] during the <IO operation name> operation. The exception message is: "<Exception message>."

Reason for the alert

A failure occurs when the system that is responsible for processing delayed items encounters an error. This error may be a database connection issue, a run-time exception, or a stream service connection issue.

Next steps

Typically, queue processor delays and scheduled message processing failures are due to a connection issue such as a timeout, however, these failures do not stop the system from working. The system processes delayed items as soon as external resources (such as a database or stream service) become available again.

Other issues, such as a "Message too big to store in Kafka" error, can also occur. These errors do not affect the system itself but can prevent the system from processing the associated items. In this case, consider refactoring the application that uses the queue processor specified in the alert message.

Example message text

The Data flow named DelayedItemsDataFlowService encountered an error on node {6247e6842ecc8aa89fad58fe2d8a7460}. The error occurred while processing delayed items for Queue Processor pzSqmpleQP during the stream service write operation. The exception message is: "Stream service is not initialized."


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