PEGA0110 alert: Large data page not configured for efficient synchronization

The PEGA0110 alert is generated when the size of a data page that you use in search configuration is bigger than the configured threshold.

Example message text

Data page size has exceeded the alert threshold of 512KB, total size 800KB, key: D_MyDataPage. Synchronization performance is low. Configure the pyModificationDateTime and pyIsRecordDeleted columns and corresponding filters in the data page's source.

Reason for the alert

In mobile search configuration, you add data pages as sources for search categories. If the size of a large data page exceeds the configured threshold and the source of a data page does not include the pyModificationDateTime and pyIsRecordDeleted properties, the synchronization of the data page to the client is slow and generates excessive network traffic. The system displays a console warning and raises the alert during the synchronization.

You can override the default alert threshold in Dynamic System Settings or in the prconfig.xml file:

Dynamic System Setting

Owning ruleset: Pega-Engine

Setting purpose: alerts/mobile/PRPCClientStore/largeDataPageSizeThreshold

Value: <threshold in kilobytes>

Default prconfig.xml setting

<env name="alerts/mobile/PRPCClientStore/largeDataPageSizeThreshold" value="512" />

The threshold value is in kilobytes. The default value is 512.

Next steps

To ensure that the large data page that you use in search configuration is optimized for mobile search, add the pyModificationDateTime and pyIsRecordDeleted properties to the data source of the data page that you want to use as the source for a search category. For more information, see Creating and sourcing large data pages to store large reference data in offline-enabled applications.

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