PEGA0129 alert: Tracer file limit reached

Tracer is a tool that you can use to debug your applications by viewing data about events that occur in your system. Tracer stores event information on disk in a Pega temporary directory within a Tracer directory. Pega Platform™ generates the PEGA0129 alert when a Tracer session reaches the disk limit threshold for a specific node. The alert contains the threshold limit and a list of the operators that use Tracer on the node. The limit applies at the node level and is consistent across all nodes in your system. For example, if the limit is 10 GB of disk space, every node in your system can use up to 10 GB to generate a Tracer event file. Pega Platform generates the alert every time a Tracer session reaches the disk threshold. The default limit value is 10 GB. After generating the alert, the system stops the session that exceeded the threshold and reclaims the disk space from the stopped session.

Reasons for the alert

Tracer captures a considerable amount of clipboard data about an application flow that you can use for debugging. However, storing the captured data in the system requires extensive disk space. As a result, making informed decisions about disk usage is essential to avoid disk overflow and disk-related issues when the system is in production. The PEGA0129 alert notifies you when Tracer uses excessive disk space to generate an event file. The alert often occurs when an operator forgets to stop a Tracer session, or when a Tracer session runs for an unusually long time with the Abbreviate events option disabled.

Example text message

Tracer disk usage limit 10 GB reached. Operators tracing on the node node name are operator IDs.

Dynamic system settings for this alert

The PEGA1029 alert is enabled by default and the default threshold value is 10 GB. To modify this alert, use the following dynamic system setting:

  • owning ruleset: Pega-Engine
  • Setting purpose: tracer/disk/maxusage
  • value: 10

Use an integer to change the threshold value. The minimum limit that you can set is 5 GB.

Recommended next steps

To resolve the issue, consider the following actions:

  • Ensure that you run only the necessary Tracer sessions.
  • Ensure that you select for tracing only those events that are essential to your business needs. For more information see Configuring Tracer settings.
  • If multiple operators run Tracer sessions on one node, coordinate with the operators about more efficient node usage.
  • If no other solution is available, exceed the disk space limit by modifying the tracer/disk/maxusage dynamic system setting. For more information, see Configuring dynamic system settings.

For more information about the Tracer disk space limit, see Tracer disk usage FAQ.


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