Pega.CacheUpdater utility

Use the Pega.CacheUpdater utility to add product bundle files to a Robot Runtime computer when Pega Synchronization Server is not configured, not present, or when you want to update a Server Bot server. For example, you can use this utility in the following situations:

  • When you do not have a Pega Synchronization Server. Use this utility to add new product versions to each robot. You add the bundles using a login script to make them ready for use when a solution requires that version
  • When you run mixed-mode Citrix solutions. You need to pre-stage the required version of Robot Runtime on the Citrix server because the Pega Synchronization Server cannot update the version at run time. Use the Pega.CacheUpdater utility to add product versions to the Citrix server for running your mixed-mode solutions.
  • When workers typically connect directly to the Pega Synchronization Server on the network but, due to the pandemic, they are instead working from home and connect to a VPN before they connect to the Pega Synchronization Server. Use the Pega.CacheUpdater utility to add product versions directly to these user's computers by using a login script.

You can run this utility in a login script, in a PowerShell script, through a batch file, or manually from the command line. This utility is installed when you install the Pega Synchronization Engine, in the default installation location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pegasystems\Pega Synchronization Engine\ClientTools\Pega.CacheUpdater.exe

Pega Native Foundation and later versions include this utility. You can use the utility to install bundles from any version of the product. For more information about bundles, see the Pega Synchronization Server User Guide.


The following table lists the parameters that you can include in the command to start the utility.

Pega.CacheUpdater parameters
Action Main parameter Optional parameters
Add a bundle file to the cache for the appropriate product --file [path to the bundle file]


(Sends any messages to the console.)


(Overwrites the local product.manifest file with the product.manifest file that is in the bundle. Use only under the direction of Pega Support.)

Clear the cache of a product. --clear [RUNTIME, RPASERVICE, NATIVEFOUNDATION, or UPDATER]


(Sends any messages to the console.)

Display a list of products that are installed on the computer --products none
Display help information --help none
This utility requires system admin privileges to modify the contents of the cache folders. By default, the cache folders are located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Pegasystems folder. When you run this utility in a command shell, run the shell as an administrator.


The following examples demonstrate how you can use this utility.

  • This command adds the bundle file to the cache for the appropriate product:
Pega.CacheUpdater --file [path to the bundle]
  • This command clears the cache for the product that you specify:
Pega.CacheUpdater --clear ProductName 
  • This command lists the products that are installed on the computer:
Pega.CacheUpdater --products
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