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PEGA0021 alert: Clipboard memory for declarative pages exceeds limit

The PEGA0021 alert is triggered when the memory used by shared clipboard pages exceeds the recommended threshold based on a percentage of the JVM total memory.

For example, this alert occurs if the amount of JVM memory for a shared Declare Page containing saved customer master file records — imported from an external system — grows to become larger than 5 percent of total JVM memory.

Example message text

Total shared declarative page memory usage (36637107 bytes) exceeds recommended limit of 26637107 bytes.

Default prconfig.xml settings

<env name="DeclarePages/MemoryUsagePercentLimit" value="5” />

This setting determines the percentage of total JVM memory that can be occupied by node-level declare pages. The default is 5 percent.

Reasons for the alert

Review the Rule-Declare-Page rules in your applications. Determine whether the pages they define contain only data that you need, that you need all the pages, and that the pages expire appropriately.

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