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Empty stub activities (extension points) are available for work object processing


Starting in V4.2SP4, stub activities are available to enable your application to extend and override standard work object processing . These have no steps, and are known as extension points.

The standard Work-. activities that call these extension points are mostly marked as final, so you cannot override them.

For example, you can't override the Work-.New activity, but it calls Work-.NewDefaults, which is an empty activity. Create an activity in your application RuleSet named MyWorkClass.NewDefaults to extend the processing provided by Work-.New. Your activity, not the empty activity, is executed at runtime.

Suggested Approach

V4.2SP4 includes the following extension point activities:

Work object creation

  • Work-.NewDefaults — called from Work-.New and Work-.NewCovered

Work item creation from AddCovered flow action

  • Work-.NewCoveredDefaults — called from Work-Cover-.ActionCreateCovered (pre-processing activity)
  • Work-.AddCoveredDefaults — called from Work-.AddCoveredWork if parameter is set; parameter passed in as true by Work-Cover-.ActionAddCovered (post-processing activity)

Cover manipulation

  • Work-Cover-.AddToCoverDefaults — called from Work-Cover-.AddToCover
  • Work-Cover-.RemoveFromCoverDefaults — called from Work-Cover-.RemoveFromCover

Assignment creation

  • Assign-.NewDefaults — called from Work-.NewAssign, Work-.NewAssignBasket (on the assignment)
  • To create settings for a specific assignment task in a specific flow, use the Assign- properties pyFlowType and pxTaskName to identify it.

Review a work object

  • Work-.OpenDefaults — called from Work-.Open, Work-.OpenCover, Work-Cover-.OpenCover

Update a work object

  • Work-.UpdateDefaults — called from Work-.Update, Work-.UpdateCovered (and from the Open activities above if read-only is not specified)

Perform an assignment

  • Work-.PerformDefaults — called from Work-.Perform

Asynchronous service call is interrupted by a ticket or service-level activity (ResumeFlow usually)

  • Assign-Service.HandleInterrupt— called from RemoveAssignmentByTicket() function and Assign-.CompleteAssignment activity
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