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Troubleshooting: "Error: Flow Not at Task" and service level goals in the past


A developer asks: For two distinct assignments, our system contains assignment objects that are never deleted.   The user can proceed normally through the flow, however a 'stale' assignment remains on their worklist.   When they click the assignment, an error appears

Error: Flow Not At Task

This error only occurs only at two of the many assignments in our flows.   However there is very little about these assignments that is out of the ordinary.  Also, the audit trail entry shows that the assignment has been completed. We also see the goal time was reached on this 'stale' assignment.

After more analysis, we found that when we turn off the Pega-ProCom agent during our stress test, these errors do not occur. We think the Pega-ProCom agent and the user have a locking/committing issue.

By the way, 80+% of assignments have goal times that are in the past even when they are first set, and so run instantly.


If goal times are in the past when first set, the behavior you describe is expected,.

The reason is that the Pega-ProCom agent:

  1. Runs periodically and detects the goal time event
  2. Is unable to lock the work object as it is locked by a user
  3. Saves the assignment and decrements the Lock Retries.

That can lead to the problems you report if the agent is never able to delete the assignment.

As a workaround, set the Lock Retries to zero in the service level rules.

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