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About the eForm Rules accelerator


The Pega Platform provides two rule types to support applications that use forms in the Portable Document Format (PDF):

  • eForm File rules ( Rule-File-eForm rule type)
  • Map eForm rules ( Rule-Map-eForm rule type)

The eForm accelerator uses a flow to guide you through the process of creating an eForm file rule and its corresponding eForm map rule.

The accelerator imports and parses a PDF form that you identify. Then it lists the names of the interactive form fields in the PDF form, making it easier for you to match the fields to Pega Platform properties. If you create the rules yourself, enter the name of each form field in an eForm map rule and verify that you made no data entry errors.

Because the wizard uses a flow rule, the data you enter is stored as a work item until you finish the flow. When you resolve the work item, the eForm accelerator creates an eForm file rule for the uploaded PDF form and an eForm map rule that specifies how the fields in a form like that one map to Pega Platform properties.

For information about using the PDF feature to process incoming PDF forms or to generate a PDF form, see the Pega Community document Working with PDF Forms and Documents.


Before you begin, complete the following:

  • Copy the PDF form (that has one or more interactive field definitions) to your workstation.
  • Print a copy of the PDF form.
  • Determine the names of all the interactive fields and write each field name code next to the text that represents the field directly on the printed copy of the form. Reference this as you run the accelerator.
  • Determine the Applies To class for the new rules. Typically, this is a class that inherits from the Work- base class.
  • Determine the names and classes of the Pega Platform properties that map to the form fields. The eForm accelerator enables you to select properties from the Applies To class only. If you need to map a form field to a property that does not belong to the Applies To class, edit the eForm map rule after the accelerator saves it.
  • Determine the RuleSet and version for the new rules.

Starting the accelerator

To start the eForm Rules accelerator, select the Dev Studio > Integration > Tools > PDF for Eform wizard.

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