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Visualizing data with insights

Applicable to Cosmos React and Theme Cosmos applications

Insights help you conveniently explore and analyze application data, such as company sales, bugs, and team assignments. You can use insights to retrieve specific data, and present the data as a list or an interactive chart.

For example, in a sales application, you can visualize data about profits that your company generates in specific regions, and then analyze the distribution of earnings across various categories of products.

Pega Platform uses insights to transform data queries into tables or visualizations that you can then share between users and embed in landing pages of your applications. Insights can include multiple data items that you can filter, sort, and group according to your business requirements.

Reporting provides list-based and chart-based insights that you can access by using the Explore Data feature in your application.

Creating interactive chart-based insight

  • Explore Data

    Explore Data provides a convenient way to analyze and manage data in your application. For example, you can access the list of all assignments of your team, and then analyze their status to verify the remaining workload for the current release.

  • Creating insights

    Collect specific information about your application, and save it in a clear visual form to support the process of data analysis. For example, you can create a list-based insight that provides data about resolved assignments, and then filter the content by application users to analyze their performance.

  • Adding insights to your application

    Help users find relevant insights more quickly by adding appropriate pages to the navigation menu of your application. By using insights, your users gain quick access to application data in the form of interactive charts or comprehensive lists.

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