ROBO0002 alert: Robot is reaching the failed assignment threshold defined on its work group

For each work group, you can set the percentage of assignments that a robot can within the evaluation time. If a robot reaches the threshold that you defined in the robot's current work group, Pega Robot Manager stops that robot.

Reason for the alert

Pega Robot Manager triggers the ROBO0002 alert when a robot reaches the specific percentage of allowed failed automation tasks within the evaluation time interval, as defined in the pyNotifyRobotFailuresReachThreshold setting. The default value of this setting is 80%

This means that if a work group allows for ten failed assignments within the evaluation time, Pega Robot Manager triggers ROBO0002 when a robot has failed eight assignments.

Instead of triggering the alert each time a robot reaches the threshold for a failed automation assignment, Robot Manager conditionally triggers one alert every 30 minutes.

Automation tasks fail when issues that occur during the assignment prevent its completion. Some causes of automation failure include:

  • Application access failure
  • Incorrect automation timing related to application response
  • Application updates not incorporated in automations
  • Inaccurate or missing data
  • Incorrect data format
  • Unhandled automation exception

Example message text

Robot <RobotID> has reached <NotificationThreshold>% of failed assignments threshold defined on work group(<FailedAssignmnetThreshold>%) in last <EvaluationInterval> minutes.


    As an administrator, evaluate issues and determine whether the assignment can be requeued for completion or forwarded to the appropriate operator who can further address the issue.

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