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Configuring an anonymous authentication service


After you create an anonymous authentication service, configure it so that Pega Platform can support guest users. You can map attributes from the model operator to properties in Pega Platform, and also configure preauthentication and postauthentication activities.

You must complete the following task before you can configure an anonymous authentication service: Creating an authentication service.
  1. Create an anonymous authentication service, or open an existing service from the navigation panel in Dev Studio by clicking Records SysAdmin Authentication Service and selecting an anonymous authentication service from the instance list.

  2. In the Authentication service alias field, specify an alias to represent a unique value for this service. This value becomes the final part of the URL path for users to access Pega Platform.

    Login URL is a read-only field that displays the URL that accesses Pega Platform and uses this service for user authentication.

  3. Configuring the anonymous operator for an anonymous authentication service.

  4. Optional:

    Specifying preauthentication and postauthentication activities for an anonymous authentication service.

  5. Optional:

    Mapping operator information for an anonymous authentication service.

  6. Activating your anonymous authentication service.

  • Configuring an application to use an anonymous authentication service

    An anonymous user connects to an application without entering any login credentials, but is prompted for authentication partway through a session. For example, most online shopping portals allow you to shop without identifying yourself. When you check out, you are prompted for credentials. You can build this type of application by using an anonymous authentication service and the reauthentication gadget.

  • Authentication services

    To override or extend the default authentication process, create and configure an authentication service.

  • More about authentication services

    This page describes additional topics relevant to authentication services that are not directly referenced on the rule form.

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