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Defining a design-time configuration for an access group


You can define the default destination ruleset for users who belong to an access group.

You must complete one of the following tasks before defining a design-time configuration for an access group:
  • Create an access group as described in Creating an access group.
  • Open an existing instance from the navigation panel by clicking Records Security Access Group and selecting an instance.

To define a design-time configuration for an access goup, click the Advanced tab and navigate to the Design time configuration section. Choose any of the following options.

Leave these fields blank for an access group that supports logging on to Pega Platform from external systems, or that supports workers or managers who never create rules.
  • In the Default destination ruleset field, press the Down Arrow key and select a default ruleset.

    This field contains a ruleset from those listed in the Production Rulesets array or from those listed in the application that the system suggests as a destination ruleset when users that belong to an access group create a rule.

    • If the access group is to support application developers, select a ruleset that the developers usually work in and add rules to.
    • For managers who create and customize reports, select a ruleset that is not intended to be moved to other Pega Platform systems.
    • For language specialists involved in internationalization, select a language-specific ruleset.

    When a user that belongs to the access group creates a rule by clicking the New or Save As buttons, the system suggests this ruleset for the new rule.

    If you leave this field blank, the Save As form uses the ruleset of the existing rule as the default ruleset for the new rule, if an unlocked version is available.

  • In the Version field, press the Down Arrow key and select a ruleset version.

    This field contains the ruleset version (for the ruleset identified in the Default destination ruleset field) that the requestor who belongs to an access group usually adds rules to. During New and some Save As operations, this version appears as the default ruleset version.

  • Learning about access groups

    An access group is a group of permissions within an application. Pega Platform uses these permissions for operators, external system access, and background processes. You define an access group for operators who have similar responsibilities. For example, most applications allow case managers to do actions that are different from the actions of regular operators, so case managers and regular operators belong to different access groups.

  • Creating an access group

    An access group is a group of application permissions that are used by an operator, external system, or background process. Create an access group to define the actions that are allowed when such an entity uses an application.

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