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Storage stream encryption of selected classes


You can optionally enable encryption of the Storage Stream or BLOB ( pzPVStream ) column for rows in the Pega Platform database that correspond to specific classes.

Encryption of the Storage Stream column for one class does not affect the Storage Stream of other classes, even those that occupy the same table in the Pega Platform database. Encryption occurs when the Pega Platform saves an instance of the class. Decryption occurs when the Pega Platform retrieves and opens an instance.

Storage Stream encryption is unrelated to any database encryption that is provided by database software or encryption software that is provided by others.

CPU processing for encryption and decryption can affect overall system performance, depending on data volumes and algorithms. To assess the impact, check the following record time and count properties on the Full Details display of the Performance tool. Elapsed time and CPU times are components of other statistics that measure database times. CPU statistics are available only for Windows platforms. All times are in seconds. The following statistics are available:

  • pxEncryptCPU — CPU time required to encrypt Storage Stream contents
  • pxDecryptCPU — CPU time required to decrypt Storage Stream contents
  • pxEncryptElapsed — Elapsed time required to encrypt Storage Stream contents
  • pxDecryptElapsed — Elapsed time required to decrypt Storage Stream contents
  • pxEncryptCount — Number of Storage Streams encrypted
  • pxDecryptCount — Number of Storage Streams decrypted

  • Organizing rules into classes

    For more efficient management of your applications, organize rules into classes. A class describes a collection of rules or other objects, such as properties, activities, and HTML forms, that are available to other, child classes, or to instances of the class. Pega Platform organizes classes into a hierarchy, in which the system searches from the current class upwards when looking for a rule to apply.

  • Using the full details display of Performance Analyzer

    The Full, Init, and Delta links in the Performance Analyzer (PAL) provide detailed data about a single row of the display. The scope of information on this window depends on which link you clicked on the Performance report.

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