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Adding a custom tool

This procedure uses the example scenario from Adding a subsection for similar tools.

  1. Right-click the handle (blue dot) of the Comment row for the section that you want to add tools to and click Add Sibling Below.

  2. Add a new page row.

    1. In the Action column, select Append and Map to.

    2. In the Target column, enter .pyRulesAndToolsList.

    3. In the Relation column, select a new page.

  3. Complete four Set rows for the top-level expandable section. In the Action column, select Set and then enter the following:

    Row Target column value Source column value
    Be sure to include the quotation marks
    1 .pyNote The tooltip text to be displayed in Access Manager; a short description of the tool function.

    For example: "Retrieve number of items in worklist."

    2 .pyPrivilege The privilege name.

    For example: "CanUseWorklistCounter"

    3 .pyClassName The privilege class name.

    For example: "@baseclass"

    4 .pyLabel The tool function name to be displayed on Access Manager.

    For example: "Worklist items counter"

  4. Save the data transform.

The preceding example creates a custom tools section with a subsection for Worklist tools, as shown in the following figure:

Custom tools section with Worklist tools subsection
pypopulate-custom-tools-example icon

This data transform renders a section in Access Manager as shown in the following figure. (Refresh the display to see the changes.)

Access Manager section with Worklist tools subsection
am-section-custom icon

In Access Manager, secure the tool. For more information, see Editing tools authorization for a single access group.

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