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Security of access roles

An access role rule defines a name for a role, and represents a set of capabilities. As Access roles are a fundamental part of the security in Pega Platform, there are a number of rules that affect access roles.

Explanation of access roles

The access roles are described in text below, however, a summary image is shown below.

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Each authorized user has an Operator ID.

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The Operator ID contains at least one Access Group. An Operator ID must have at least one access group, but can have multiple access groups.

The Access Group contains at least one Role. An Access Group must contain at least one role, but can have multiple roles.

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The Roles contain an Access Role name. This Access Role name makes a call to the Rule-Access-role-Obj, which are also called RARO. The RARO is contains Privileges.

The Access Role name is assigned based on the classes in the application. For each class, there can be an Access of role to Object rule, which assigns the privileges to the role for that class.

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The privileges shown in the image below are explicit privileges and are assigned on the rules.

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The privilege can also be seen on the Security tab of the activity.

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