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Managing rules


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Pega Platform includes various utilities to streamline system management activities.

  • Importing the legacy ruleset from the Resource Kit

    Applications that require deprecated rules that are no longer included in the Pega Platform distribution need to import those legacy rules from the Resource Kit.

  • Comparing versions of a rule

    To quickly find additions, changes, or deletions between rules, use the Rule Compare utility or the History tab to compare two different instances of rules, two different rules, or two versions of the same rule.

  • Renaming classes or rulesets during an archive import

    Use the Refactor on Import wizard to rename classes or rulesets in an archive as it is imported. This allows you to integrate the imported structure into the existing hierarchy on your system. The Refactor on Import wizard supports merging RuleSets developed by Pegasystems or others into your PegaRULES database.

  • Replacing a string in rulesets

    Use the Search/Replace a String wizard to search for and replace a string wherever it appears in rules in the entire PegaRULES database.

  • Temporary files

    Temporary files are created in temporary files directories on the Pega Platform server to temporarily contain information that is required during installation or browsing.

  • Changing the storage destination for the import data wizard, BIX, and file listeners

    Use dynamic system settings to change the storage destination used by the import data wizard, BIX, and file listeners to store files. For example, for a multi-node system, you can set the destination to a shared location so that a user can access files from any node in the system.

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