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Pre-import and post-import collections


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Add steps to the pre-import and post-import collections to take specific actions based on archive metadata. Pre-import steps run before every archive import attempt. Post-import steps run after every successful archive import.

For example, you can configure a pre-import step to automatically verify that an archive meets certain criteria before you import the archive. If the archive does not meet the criteria, the system does not import the archive.

The following collections contain ordered lists of steps:

  • The pre-import collection is pyPreImportCollection.
  • The post-import collection is pyPostImportCollection.

The metadata associated with the steps is stored on the following pages:

  • The metadata properties used for pre-import steps are included in pxArchiveMetadataPage.
  • The metadata properties returned by post-import steps are included in pxImportResultPage.

The extension point for both the pre-import and post-import collections is the PegaAccel-Management-Import class. The collection rules have access to the metadata of the incoming archive through the pxArchiveMetadataPage.

The collections can interact with the incoming archive metadata that is created when the archive is created. This metadata includes dependency lists (hotfixes, applications, and so on). All of the rules executed by the pre-import and post-import processing must exist on the server prior to importing the archive.

  • Creating pre-import steps

    To automatically take actions before any archive import attempt, configure pre-import steps in the pre-import collection. For example, you can use archive metadata to ensure that you only import archives that meet your criteria.

  • Creating post-import steps

    To automatically take actions after every successful archive import, configure post-import steps in the post-import collection. For example, you can configure an activity to display a detailed success message.

  • Pre-import action properties

    Use metadata properties to create pre-import action steps that run before every import attempt. The metadata for the incoming archive, for example, the archive name, the list of all the rules it contains, and so on, is available to the pyPreImportCollection rule from properties on the embedded page pxArchiveMetadataPage.

  • Post-import action properties

    Use archive metadata properties to create post-import action steps that run automatically after every successful import. The metadata for the import operation, for example, the number rules imported, the duration of the import, and so on, is available to the pyPostImportCollection through properties on the embedded page pxImportResultPage.

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