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Reviewing archived case data


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Search for archived cases to review data that is no longer in primary storage but only is in Pega Cloud File Storage to confirm a successful archive process, perform a regulatory task for statutes such as HIPAA, or search for previous business history.

If you use Pega Platform 8.1.x and above, ensure that you also use UI Kit 12 or above.

Standard Case Management search capability

If using an out-of-the-box Case Management search, you can find your archived cases in Pega Cloud File Storagethrough the following procedure:

  1. In the Case Manager portal, search for an exposed property of the archived case that you want to review, for example, the case ID.

    To improve your search results, enter search terms that correspond to the values of exposed properties.
  2. In the list of results, in the Include menu, select Archived work items only.

    Cases with the Archived status are stored in Pega Cloud File Storage.
  3. Narrow the list of results by selecting filtering options in the Case menu, the Show menu, and the Last Updated menu.

  4. Open the case data in a read-only format by clicking a case name.

  5. Optional: To print your archived case data information, select Run Print .
    The full scope of your archive case data information is not available when in a printed format. Clients must customize their search functionality to meet their business requirements.
  6. Optional:

    Run a report on resolved cases before and after the archive process.

    Compare the difference between the two reports to see the cases that Pega Platform both purged from the primary database and copied to Pega Cloud File Storage. For more information, see Running a report.

Using the Pega Platform-provided activity of pxRetrieveSearchData to search archived cases

If you cannot use the standard Case Manager Portal search, or it does not work due to client-specific customizations, then query your archived case data in Pega Cloud File Storage (PCFS) by running the pxRetrieveSearchData activity.

  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records Technical Activity .

    Alternatively, search for pxRetrieveSearchData.

  2. Select pxRetrieveSearchData.
  3. In the Actions list, select Run.

  4. In the Run Activity window, in the pySearchString parameter field, enter one of the following query formats:
    1. To search for all cases that you already archived, enter an asterick (*).
    2. For specific cases, place an asterick at both ends of the associated case number of the case you want to search. For example, *GC-11011*.
  5. In the pySearchAllRules list, select Yes.
  6. Optional: If you have archived a significant number of cases, enter the upper limit of returned results in the pyMaxResults field.
  7. In the pyReportClassName field, provide the class name for the case type.
  8. In the pyReportPageName field, enter pyWordIDSearch.
  9. In the pyIncludeAttachments list, select No.
  10. In the pySearchAttachmentsOnly list, select No.
  11. In the pySearchArchiveOnly list, select Yes.
  12. Click Run.
  13. In the resulting Clipboard, select pxSearchResults.pxResults pxResults , then select the case ID to review the archived case data.

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