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Configuring Pega Platform

Use Dev Studio, dynamic system settings rules, and properties files and scripts to set system-wide parameters. The specific tool depends on your situation.

  • System-wide parameters: To specify system-wide parameters, use system data instances. System data instances are occurrences of your Pega Platform. See Specifying system-wide security parameters by using system data instances.
  • Cluster-wide parameters that differ from site to site: To set cluster-wide parameters when the values differ from site to site, such as with URLs, user names, or port numbers, and when they might be set programmatically use dynamic system settings. See Dynamic system settings.
  • For example, you can use a dynamic system settings to configure which fields are available in full-text search. Dynamic system settings are stored in the Pega Platform database and are used by all nodes that share that database.
  • Individual node settings: To apply changes to only some nodes in a system, change settings in the prconfig.xml file. Settings in the prconfig.xml file apply to the node on which the prconfig.xml file resides. See Changing node settings by modifying the prconfig.xml file.
    Note: This is only for on-premises environments.
  • Production-level-specific run-time parameters: To set production-level-specific parameters, use data transforms and other rule types. Run-time application settings can differ based on a system's production level, and are further resolved at run time through rule resolution. See Configuring production-level-specific run-time settings by using application settings rules.

For more information, see:

  • Node classification
    Node classification is the process of separating nodes by purpose, predefining their behavior by assigning node types, and associating work resources with those node types. In on-premises systems (both client-managed cloud environments and "bare metal" systems), you can classify nodes to optimize performance and provide higher scalability and stability in a cluster.
  • Configure system settings from Dev Portal
    To configure your system, use the Dev Studio Configure > System > Settings menu.
  • Configuration settings in Admin Studio
    To verify the configuration settings for a node or cluster, to diagnose configuration issues across the cluster, and to download the prconfig.xml configuration file, use the Admin Studio Configurations settings page.
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