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Deployment behind a reverse proxy

To deploy Pega® Platform behind an HTTP proxy server, use XF-* extension headers. Deploying in this manner does not require any additional configuration of Pega Platform.

Refer to the documentation for your proxy server or load balancer for information about how to implement XF-* extension headers.

The following table describes the XF-* extension header properties.

Property Required? Default value Description
X-Forwarded-Proto Required None The original HTTP protocol requested by the client (HTTP or HTTPS).
X-Forwarded-Host Optional from Pega 7.3 and later;
required in Pega 7.2.x
Host from the standard HTTP header The original host requested by the client. Only one value can be specified; a comma-delimited list is not supported. If X-Forwarded-Host is not specified, configure the proxy to preserve the standard host header.
X-Forwarded-Port Optional 80 (for HTTP)
443 (for HTTPS)
The original port requested by the client.
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