How to enter items into an agent queue


Agents process tasks from a queue; these tasks must be entered into the queue by your application’s processing.  This article describes how to configure your application to queue these tasks. 

Suggested Approach

Agents run activities to accomplish their tasks.  In order to have information with which to run the agent activities, entries must be put into the agent queue so the agent knows that there is a task to process. 

Depending upon the task the agent should accomplish, different parts of your application may write an entry to the agent queue.  If the agent task involves processing an assignment, for example, there might be an activity called from the Assignment activity in the flow which writes the queue entry.  If the agent needs to send an email to a customer as part of closing a work object, then an activity might be called as pre- or post-processing in a flow action, or called directly in a Utility shape. 

Once you have determined that a task can be accomplished in the background (see How to Create An Agent - Before You Begin), your application can use either @ @baseclass.QueueForAgent activity or the Queue-For-Agent method to enter those tasks into the Agent Queue.  (See About the Queue-For-Agent Method.)

The QueueForAgent activity calls the Queue-For-Agent method.  You can use either, depending upon what is occuring in your application at the point you wish to queue the task. 

  • In an activity, use the method
  • If the application is at a flow step or other area where an activity can be easily called, use the activity

NOTE:  The steps below assume that your application is running an activity; the steps are similar for adding the activity itself.

1.  Add an additional step into your activity, at the point where the agent task entry should go.

2.  Enter a description of the task being entered, and then enter Queue-For-Agent into the Method field.

3.  Expand the parameters for the Method field, and enter values for the parameters:

  • agent RuleSet
  • agent Name
  • MaxAttempts
  • MinimumAgeForProcessing

4.  Save your changes.

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