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How to provide the Clipboard Viewer to a system administrator or business user


PRPC-provided security prevents you from adding the Clipboard Viewer to a traditional WorkUser portal for Read-Only use by users who are not application developers.

Typically, users in the role of Developer have access to the Clipboard Viewer, a component of the Clipboard tool. The Suggested Approach explains how to provide a Clipboard Viewer link to a business user or system administrator with the role User4 and access to the traditional WorkUser portal for special business needs that require this capability.


Here is a preview of the example used in the Suggested Approach. Using a traditional Work User portal, a business user or system administrator:

  • Has an Operator ID that is available to receive work
  • Is in an Access Group for an application with access to the PegaSample Work Pool
  • Has the roles PegaRULES:User4 and an application User role

The application User role specifies the Rule-Access-Role-Obj with the privileges: 

  • AllFlows
  • AllFlowActions
  • clipboardViewer

The access group of the Work User specifies Login Settings for the Default Portal Layout of WorkUserWithClipboard. The Pega-provided WorkUser portal is modified by adding a Gadget ClipboardForUser under the Gadget Title Tools, and the HTML Source shows the script for the function openClipboard.

When work users log in to the modified WorkUser portal with the Tools gadget, they can see and click Clipboard to view the Clipboard. The Work Users view of the Clipboard restricts the actions available for selection to Refresh, Refresh Current Page, and Find.

Suggested Approach

To provide a Clipboard Viewer link to a PRPC user with the role PegaRULES:User4 and access to the traditional WorkUser portal, follow these steps:

  1. For the user’s Operator ID, specify the General information and Access Group. Be sure to check the option Operator is available to receive work?Operator ID Example Work User
  2. For the user’s Access Group, on the Layout tab, specify Application Name, Version, Work Pool, and Roles. Be sure to include the role PegaRULES:User4 in addition to the new Work User role.Access Group testApp Work Users
  3. For the new Work User role specified in the previous step (exampleTest:User), specify the Access Of Role To Object. On the Security tab, enter the value 5 to specify the Production level system for the Access Controls — Search Instances, Execute Activities, and Open Rules.Access of Role to Object exampleTest User
  4. Continuing in the Access Of Role To Object form, specify three Privileges for Production Level use: AllFlows, AllFlowActions, clipboardViewer.Access of Role to Object Privileges for exampleTest User
  5. For the user's Access Group, on the Settings tab, under the Login Settings section, specify the Default Portal Layout as WorkUserWithClipboard.Default Portal Layout WorkUserWithClipboard
  6. For the WorkUser portal, on the Tabs tab, add a row in the Gadgets array to specify the Gadget ClipboardForUser and the Gadget Title Tools.

    Portal Gadget ClipboardForUser

  7. Verify that the HTML Source of the ClipboardForUser portal gadget contains the following function:
    function to open clipboard

     HTML Data Gadget ClipboardForUser

Consider localizing the text 'Clipboard' with a field value lookup using the Field Value Inspector. See Additional Information, the Rules Inspector topic, to learn how to do this.
  1. When business users (PegaRULES:User4) log in to the WorkUser portal, they can see and click the Clipboard link under the Tools gadget.
    Portal Tools Clipboard
  2. The Clipboard link on the WorkUser portal displays the Clipboard Viewer.Clipboard Viewer for Work User
  3. For Work Users, Clipboard Actions are restricted to the following:Clipboard Actions for Work User
    • Refresh
    • Refresh Current Page
    • Find

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