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Determining where a mixin is referenced

Determining where a mixin is referenced

To preview the mixin in use by the mixins and components that reference it, select a component from the Preview with list on the right. This list displays all the components that reference the selected mixin.

After selecting a component in which to preview the mixin, click Details to view a summary of where the mixin is used within the component styles.

If you upgraded a skin rule from PRPC Version 5.X through PRPC Version 6.2 SP2, the Standard Active, Standard Inactive, Sub Active, and Sub Inactive mixins are populated with the values from your Quick Create settings.

  • Skin rules

    Use the skin to specify the presentation of your content. You can style all presentation elements of your interface in the skin, including typography, borders, backgrounds, layouts, and UI placement and alignment. By defining presentation attributes in the skin, you separate the content that is defined in sections and harnesses from its presentati

  • About mixins

    Use the Mixins tab to define mixins. A mixin is a reusable style pattern.

  • Defining a new mixin

    To create a new mixin, click Add. The mixin is populated with default values.

  • Deleting a mixin

    You cannot delete a mixin if another mixin or component inherits styles from that mixin. Mixins and components that reference the selected mixin display in the Preview with list on the right.

  • Skin rules - Renaming a mixin

    Renaming a mixin

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