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Cannot load a mashup asynchronously based on an event or a flag


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Ensure that you can successfully load a mashup asynchronously based on an event or a flag.


The mashup does not load when you try to load the mashup asynchronously based on an event, or depending on a flag.


  1. Put a debugger in the _initAllPegaObjects method defined in PegaCompositeGadgetMgr.js.

  2. If the debugger does not pause, you can explicitly invoke the method when you insert the mashup <div> snippet into the HTML. Use the following _initAllPegaObjects method definition:

    function _initAllPegaObjects() {
          if(pega && pega.web && pega.web.isWebMashup){
            if (!bPegaIacInitialOnLoad) {
            bPegaIacInitialOnLoad = false;
            pega.web.mgr._logMsg("info", "", "Manager", "Started Pega IAC manager initialization.");
            /*BUG-270078 Logic to detect cookie enabled or not*/
            pega.web.mgr._ut._setCookie("PegaIAC", "IACtest", 1);
            if (pega.web.mgr._ut._readCookie("PegaIAC") != "IACtest") {
              pega.web.mgr.cookiesDisabled = true;                                                                     // cookies are disabled
              pega.web.mgr._logMsg("error", "", "Manager", "error: Browser cookies must be enabled for Pega IAC to function.");
            pega.ctx.bEncryptURLs = false;
            bPegaIacGadgetsInitialized = true;
    <script src =''></script>
    The following sample code inserts the mashup <div> snippet into the host page dynamically and explicitly invokes the _initAllPegaObjects method to initialize the mashup gadgets:
    function loadMashup() {
        var snippetDiv = document.createElement("div");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-gadgetname", "PegaGadget");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-action", "createNewWork");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-action-param-classname", "OES023-Myapplication-Work-Interaction");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-action-param-flowname", "pyStartCase");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-isdeferloaded", "false");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-threadname", "MashupThread");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-applicationname", "Myapplication");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-resizetype", "stretch");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-url", "");
        snippetDiv.setAttribute("data-pega-action-param-parameters", JSON.stringify({
             "UserIndentifier": "cherj",
             "Password": "xykdhjd"
         }) + "");
        //trigger mashup loading explicitly in asyn case
    <div id="wrapperDiv"></div>
    <button onclick="loadMashup">Load Mashup</button>
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