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Creating a When rule


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Evaluate a Boolean logical statement that involves comparisons among values of properties, to return true or false, by creating a When rule.

For example, you can create a When rule to prompt a user to enter a delivery address only when the user specifies that the delivery address varies from the address of residence.
  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records.

  2. Expand the Decision category, and then click When.

  3. On the When tab, click Create.

  4. In the Label field, enter a description of the When rule.

    Create names of when condition records that logically follow the word when.
    Enter IsTaskCompleted.
  5. Optional:

    To enter a when expression that evaluates whether a value is true or false, click Show additional options, and then enter the expression.

    .BalanceRemaining > 0.0
  6. Optional:

    To enable editing the rule in the legacy mode, click Show additional options, and then select the Use legacy authoring mode check box.

    By default, you edit conditions in the condition builder. For more information, see Defining conditions for a When rule.
  7. In the Context section, select an application to which the rule applies.

  8. In the Apply to field, select a class to which the rule applies.

  9. In the Add to ruleset field, select a ruleset for the rule.

  10. Optional:

    To enable traceability of the rule, in the Current work item section, enter the work item to associate with the rule, for example, a bug ID.

  11. Click Create and close.

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