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Data page types


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Data pages are convenient sources of data for your UI. Learn about the types of data page structures to better understand how and when to use them.

When you source data for UI elements from data pages, you use Dev studio to select one of the following types of data page structures:


A page structure is suited for passing data to a UI section for a single item. For example, you can reference a data page with the employee information of a single employee. The data page populates and is visible in a read-only section when a particular employee logs into the HR system. The employee login can be a value which the system uses to reference the right data page.

A list structure is suited to passing data to a UI section for many items. For example, you can configure a data page of the list type to populate an Autocomplete control with values for the employment type.

The data page embeds the list items in an ordered array, which is pxResults. To access a specific record within the list, you use the syntax DataPageName.pxResults(n), where n is the index of the ordered array that corresponds to the record. For example, when the record is on page seven, the syntax to use is DataPageName.pxResults(7).

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