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Mashup issues with collapsible controls


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When you deploy a mashup with custom collapsible controls on an external web page, you may experience resize issues with your mashup.


A mashup with a custom collapsible control leads to inaccessible gadget content on the external web page.


Custom controls that can be expanded or collapsed affect the height and width of the mashup.


  • Put a debugger in the doHarnessResize function. You need to explicitly invoke doHarnessResize() function in the JavaScript API with the following script:

    $('#myCollapsible').on('', function () { doHarnessResize(); })
  • If the debugger does not stop in the method, then you need to explicitly invoke the doHarnessResize()API method defined in pzpega_ui_doc_harnesssizing.js in the control code. See the following API definition:

    doHarnessResize: function() { if(pega.u.d.resizingHarness) { /* harness is already being resized */ return; } if(pega.util.Event.isIE || pega.util.Event.isSafari || pega.Mashup) { clearTimeout(pega.u.d.resizeTimeoutId); pega.u.d.resizeTimeoutId = setTimeout(pega.u.d.doHarnessResizeActual, 10); } else pega.u.d.doHarnessResizeActual(); },
  • If you still experience a resize issue when the mashup gadget loads, ensure that the host page domain is on the allow list of the application.

    For more information, see Creating a mashup.

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