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Selecting the date and time format


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Improve the functionality of Date Time controls by selecting the format that is the most convenient for your users. For example, you can format the control to display full names of the months.

Add a Date Time control to the layout.

For more information, see: Adding controls.

  1. Open the view with the control that you want to edit.

    For more information, see Accessing views in your application.
  2. In the configuration pane on the right side of the window, hover over the control, and then click the Edit icon.

  3. On the Presentation tab, in the Date/Time field, define the format of the control:

    • To adjust the control format to the data format, select Auto.
    • To display selectors for both date and time, select Date Time.
    • To display selectors for the date only, select Date.
    • To display selectors for the time only, select Time.
  4. In the Display mode field, specify how the control displays dates and times:

    • To display a text input field with a selectable calendar widget, select Text input +calendar.
    • To display a series of drop-down fields for selecting months, days, and years, select Dropdown lists.
    • To display fields in which users can enter the date, select Text input.
  5. Optional:

    To define additional formatting for the control, in the Editable settings and Read-only format sections, select the options that represent specific settings.

    To let the user know how much time has passed since the date that is defined on the control, in the Read-only format section, set Date-time format to 2 days, 5 hours ago.
  6. Click Apply.

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