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Converting tables to charts

Applicable to Cosmos React and Theme Cosmos applications

Improve the look of your application by creating visually appealing insights that present data in a modern and intuitive manner. For example, you can convert simple list-based insights to interactive charts to ensure a user-friendly experience when analyzing data.

Add the Explore Data page to your application. For more information, see Organizing the main menu for a portal.
You can add the Explore Data page only if your application uses a Cosmos React or Theme Cosmos in hybrid mode.
  1. In the navigation pane of your application, click Explore Data.

  2. In the Insights section, in the Name column, click the insight whose data you want to visualize.

  3. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Actions Create chart .

  4. From the Fields section, drag specific data to the Measures and Dimensions drop zones to format the chart.

    Use the Measures and Dimensions drop zones to include numerical and detailed data respectively, such as the number of mortgages and the loan requestor's personal information.
    Drag the Profit record to the Measures drop zone, and then drag the Department record to the Dimensions drop zone to visualize the income of specific departments in your company.
    For more information, see Customizing chart-based insights.
  5. Optional:

    To change the visualization, in the Chart type section, from the type list, select the specific chart.

The following visualization presents how to create an interactive chart-based insight from a table:
Converting list-based insight to chart-based insight
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