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Field value mapping for auto-generated controls


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Field values are of key importance for the localization wizard to render auto-generated controls in the target language.

Whenever you import a translation package back into the system, the system creates field values for the translated text based on the field value names. For example, when you translate the submit button caption, the system categorizes the imported text as a button caption because the FieldName of the translated field value is pyButtonLabel, which indicates to the system that this is a localized version of the button caption for this button control.

In the localization of auto-generated controls, the system uses the following field value names to categorize the translated text strings:

Field value names for localization

Control Localized element FieldName
pxTextInput ToolTip pyToolTip
PlaceHolder pyActionPrompt
pxTextArea ToolTip pyToolTip
PlaceHolder pyActionPrompt
pxButton ButtonCaption pyButtonLabel
ToolTip pyToolTip
pxLink ButtonCaption pyButtonLabel
ToolTip pyToolTip
pxDateTime PlaceHolder pyActionPrompt
pxCheckbox Caption pyCaption
ToolTip pyToolTip
pxIcon ToolTip pyToolTip
pxLookup PlaceHolder pyActionPrompt
pxDropdown ToolTip pyToolTip
Displaytext pyCaption
OptionToolTip pyToolTip
IncludePlaceHolder pyCaption
IncludePlaceHolderToolTip pyToolTip
pxRadiobuttons Displaytext pyCaption
OptionToolTip pyToolTip
IncludePlaceHolder pyCaption
IncludePlaceHolderToolTip pyToolTip
pxAutocomplete ToolTip pyToolTip
SmartTip HeaderSource-FieldValue pyToolTip
TipSource-FieldValue pyToolTip
HeaderSource-PlainText pyToolTip
TipSource-PlainText pyToolTip
SmartInfo HeaderSource-FieldValue pyToolTip
HeaderSource-PlainText pyToolTip
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