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Preparing a translation package for a translator


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Reduce translation time and costs by reviewing the contents of the translation package before you send it to the translator. For example, you can remove unnecessary or untranslatable data from the TextToTranslate.xml spreadsheet, such as class names.

Generate a translation package. For more information, see Creating a translation package.
  1. Unzip the ZIP file containing the translation package.

  2. In the TranslationFiles folder, open the TextToTranslate.xml file in Microsoft Excel.

  3. Review the content of the translation package:

    1. Verify that the Base and Translation columns are present.

      The Base column is the source of the translation, and the Translation column holds the text for the target language.
    2. Delete rows that contain values that do not need to be translated, or that are translated in other translation packages.

      Figures and some abbreviations are usually untranslatable.
    3. Read the comments in the Comments column.

    4. Check the consistency and spelling of the text.

  4. Save the file, and then compress it to a ZIP file.

TextToTranslate.xml file open in Microsoft Excel
The spreadsheet includes columns such as Base (source) and Translation
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