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Enhancements to skin rules and the CSS file

This release provides enhancements that reduce the size of the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file and improve page rendering load times. Methods for working with certain skin formats are also enhanced.

The reports_core file

To improve initial page rendering load time, the reports_core CSS file is no longer referenced as a stand-alone style sheet. If any of the three report components—List view, Column filter, or Paging bar—are specified in the application skin, then the reports_core CSS file is included with the autogenerated CSS file from the skin unless the Preflight optimization feature is turned on for the application.

Component styles tab of the Skin form

The following changes have been made to the Component styles tab of the Skin form:

  • Components that are not enabled (selected) on the Included styles tab of the Skin form are no longer available in the navigation menu. This enhancement makes it easier to find the components that your application currently uses. For more information, see Excluding unused components from the CSS file.

  • Formats are displayed with the default formats listed first, followed by all custom formats of that type, in alphabetical order.

  • You can find all the sections that use a specific format. This makes it possible to predict how changes to the format will affect screens throughout your application.

    listsectionswhereformatusedList sections where a specific format is used

    For more information, see Finding all sections that use a specific format.

  • For screen layouts only, you can now disable unused formats and reduce the size of the autogenerated CSS file for the application skin. If the inherited skin has a disabled screen layout format, you can override the format and reenable it for your application.

    screenlayoutsanddisabledformatsScreen layouts and disabled formats

    For more information, see Overriding disabled inherited screen layout formats.

  • For tree and table formats, you can now use Column headings focus options to specify text, border, and background styling that bring focus to a table column heading.

  • For Autocomplete control formats, you can now specify styling for three autocomplete states: hover, focus, or active.

    autocompletecontrolformatstatesAutocomplete states: hover, focus, active

Guardrail warning for skin rules that do not inherit from another skin rule

To emphasize the importance of using inherited rules in skin rules whenever possible, a guardrail warning is displayed if you create a skin that does not inherit from another skin rule. Taking advantage of skin rule inheritance reduces development time and brings greater consistency to your applications. When a format on the parent skin is modified, the dependent skin automatically inherits those changes unless the format is overridden in the dependent skin.

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