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How to customize the display delay for SmartInfo pop-up windows


By default, the amount of time it takes for a SmartInfo popup to display information is one second (1000 ms). On some systems, you may want to override this default setting — for example, to reduce the display delay time.


View the SmartInfo display delay setting in the text file webweb smartinfopopup js:

Text File webweb smartinfopopup js

Elsewhere in the text file webweb smartinfopopup js, the default display delay is conditionally specified with the JavaScript variable <span class="input-text">gSmartInfoDisplayDelay</span>:

var displayDelay = defaultDisplayDelay;

if (typeof(gSmartInfoDisplayDelay) != "undefined") { displayDelay = gSmartInfoDisplayDelay;


Suggested Approach

Customize the SmartInfo display delay by setting the <span class="input-text">gSmartInfoDisplayDelay</span> JavaScript variable in a custom JavaScript rule assigned to the Harness in the Scripts and Styles tab of the Harness form:

var gSmartInfoDisplayDelay=<<em>value in milliseconds</em>>;

For example, you might want to decrease the SmartInfo display delay to 100 milliseconds (ms).

  1. In the Harness form, the Scripts and Styles tab, open the script file setSmartInfoDelay for editing.
  2. In the Text File form for webweb setSmartInfoDelay js, the Main tab, the File Source field, specify the variable value shown in this example or another value that suits your needs:
    var gSmartInfoDisplayDelay=100;
    Harness Scripts and Styles setSmartInfoDelay

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