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Introducing PRPC 6.2 SP2 - User Interface

Build powerful, dynamic user interfaces using out-of-the-box actions, events, and components. PRPC 6.2 SP2 provides more power and greater control over user interface behavior while, at the same time, making it faster and easier to build engaging interfaces.


Dynamic UI
Build dynamic user interfaces using navigation rules that support multiple actions, keyboard events, and data transforms that accept parameters. Set the value of a field on the client, set a value within a row, or use click actions to set focus.
Grids and Trees
Design grids that are more powerful, specifying grid actions and passing parameters to the Report Definition sourcing a grid. Improve user experience, using progressive paging and new options for width, borders, filtering, sorting, and on-hover display.
Deliver intuitive forms by leveraging the latest control enhancements. New features include placeholder text, a faster and sleeker autocomplete, and support for keyboard events.
Building UI
Design intuitive user interfaces using new features and enhancements, launching flows in modal dialogs and supporting multiple tab positions. Work faster by leveraging design-time improvements, such as copy and paste within and between sections.
UI Gallery
Access the UI Gallery to view and copy samples that demonstrate how to run a flow in a modal dialog, refresh a section, use click actions, and use keyboard events to pass report definition parameters that filter a grid, among others. Enable extension of the UI Gallery and add your own samples to your application; see How to add samples to the UI Gallery.


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