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Number and text input controls on Android devices might not display the correct keyboard

When a Pega 7 application is run on a Android device, the pxNumber and pxTextInput controls might not be displayed when using a selected on-screen keyboard. This issue occurs when the number or text input type is set to number.

At design time, the input type is selected in the Editable Format section of the Presentation tab in the Cell Properties panel for a pxNumber or pxTextInput control. Because of a known limitation in some versions of the Android operating system running on some devices, the keyboard displayed at run time might not support entry of decimal values when a Number type keyboard is specified.

To resolve this issue, use the Phone type when numbers with decimal values might be required. Using the Phone type displays a numerical phone keyboard. The Android phone keyboard includes both commas and periods so that decimals can be entered.

Cell Properites panel

The Cell Properties of a number control with the Editable Format Type set to Phone

Note that this issue occurs only on Android devices. Applications for iOS should continue to use type=“Number”.

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