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openLocalAction: Public JS API for control actions


Launch a local action in a modal dialog in the context of a list item.


var options = {<br />
flowAction: “flowActionName ",<br />
event: eventObject,<br />
onLaunch: pega.api.ui.constants.REFRESH_CURRENT_ITEM / pega.api.ui.constants.REFRESH_ALL_ITEMS,<br />
disableWorkProcessing: true/false,<br />
template: "
templateName"<br />



This API accepts a JavaScript object which can have the following key-values.

  • flowAction: This string specifies the flow action name to launch.
  • event: The event refers to a DOM event object which is used by framework to get grid context.
  • onLaunch: Optional. This is a string and it can be either pega.api.ui.constants.REFRESH_CURRENT_ITEM or pega.api.ui.constants.REFRESH_ALL_ITEMS. The default value is pega.api.ui.constants.REFRESH_CURRENT_ITEM (recommended) and only the current row will be refreshed after the flow action has ended. Set it as refresh all items to refresh the entire layout.
  • disableWorkProcessing: Optional. This is a Boolean. The default value is false. An action on a work item in a list is created in a temporary work processing thread. To disable the default behavior, set this to true.
  • template: Optional. which specifies the template name to display the modal dialog. The default value is pzGridModalTemplate.
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