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Troubleshooting: Repeat Grid with Enable Paging does not display all rows


When a Repeat Grid has Enable Paging checked, and the grid source is a Report Definition that also has Enable Paging checked, the grid sometimes does not display all of the records you expect to see.


When the Report Definition form, the User Interactions tab, has Enable Paging checked, the maximum number of records that are retrieved and displayed on the Repeat Grid is restricted. This behavior is irrespective of the Enable Paging option on the Repeat Grid layout element itself.

Suggested Approach

To ensure that the correct number of rows specified in the Report Definition Data Access tab is retrieved, go to the Report Definition User Interactions tab and uncheck the Enable Paging option.

Starting with PRPC 6.2x, you cannot have both options, Enable Paging and Maximum Number Of Rows To Retrieve, enabled at the same time; this is restricted by design.

The following screens illustrate the scenario that causes the problem. The last screen shows the Enable Paging option that you need to uncheck to display all rows specified for the Repeat Grid.

Report Definition, Data Access, General Data Source Settings, Maximum Number Of Rows To Retrieve

Section, Layout, Grid Repeat Layout, General, Paging properties

Report Definition, User Interaction, Paging, Enable Paging checkbox>

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