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Achieve Brilliant Customer Service with Digital Messaging (8.4)

Pega now provides digital messaging capabilities that make implementing your digital omni-channel strategy a cakewalk. By consolidating a wide range of consumer-preferred channels, your team can serve all your digital customers from the convenience of a single easy-to-use interface, increasing efficiency rates and sidestepping the pitfalls of juggling multiple apps and disjointed systems.

Powered by Pega Infinity™, our digital messaging solutions can drive your brand to the leading edge of CX innovation. Armed with intelligent bots, dynamic case management, automation, and AI, your organization will be equipped to face the challenges of the digital-first era. Ready to venture down the path to brilliant digital customer service? There are two routes that lead there.

Pega Customer Service™ - Digital Customer Engagement Edition

With a 360-degree view of the customer across all channels (phone, web, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, co-browse, and email), the Digital Engagement Edition is an ideal fit for robust CRM customer engagement. Its dynamic case management automates the customer inquiry process, connecting the necessary people across your organization, systems, and processes to get the job done—on time. CS uses intelligent chatbots to provide automated self-service for customers, while AI augments the agent experience by suggesting smart responses and actions for a rapid resolution.

Pega Customer Service™ - Unified Messaging Edition

The Unified Messaging Edition offers a lightweight, simplified alternative to the Digital Customer Engagement Edition. While the Digital Engagement Edition has the power to support the customer service complexities of large organizations, the Unified Messaging Edition enables a super easy user experience for straightforward digital customer service. And with one-week deployment times, this nimble solution can bring CX innovation to your contact center in a flash.

How does digital messaging work with Pega?

  1. Your customer contacts your company over their preferred digital channel: Apple Business Chat, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, live chat, or WhatsApp.
  2. The message enters the Digital Customer Engagement Edition or the Unified Messaging Edition.
  3. The message can be 1) routed to an intelligent bot for immediate assistance, or 2) routed to the best agent for the job, based on parameters that you configure.
  4. If your company has an intelligent bot, your customer can receive automated assistance and/or transfer to a live agent for human-based assistance.
  5. Your agent can review the customer’s conversation with your intelligent bot. The agent can also review CRM-based information, including contact info and details from previous interactions.
  6. Your agent can then use case management to follow a predetermined process flow, ensuring a consistent, frictionless, and efficient experience. For Digital Customer Engagement users, automation accelerates the process.
  7. Your agent easily replies to the customer—and a library of custom-crafted instant responses helps turbocharge their response time.
  8. For Digital Customer Engagement users, AI guides the agent with next-best-action recommendations, anticipating the customer’s needs, and presenting valuable opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.
  9. While waiting for your customer’s reply, your agent can easily toggle among interactions, serving multiple customers concurrently and boosting your occupancy rates.
"Digital Customer Engagement Edition"

Pega Customer Service (Digital Customer Engagement Edition). The customer window shows a wealth of information about the customer (1) and the customer’s account (2), giving your agent a complete and relevant view of the customer. This view includes contact info, account details, transactions, a full conversational history across all channels, and much more. Case management capabilities (3) guide your agent through predefined case processes, ensuring high-quality, consistent customer experiences expedited through automation. The chat pane (4) contains previous conversations, including conversations with chatbots. From here, your agent can easily engage with your customers, aided by prewritten responses (phrases).

"Unified Messaging Edition"

Unified Messaging Edition™. The customer window shows CRM details, such as customer info (1). In the To do pane (2), agents can send customers an authentication request or agents can use case management (Add Task) to guide them through a business process. The engagement pane (3) displays the current conversation with the customer, including their interaction with an intelligent bot, if applicable. Here the agent can quickly reply to the customer, aided by a library of prewritten responses.

The whole process is very easy, but don’t let this ease-of-use deceive you. Under this apparent simplicity lies smart, sophisticated solutions that were built to withstand the test of time; that can easily incorporate new channels and scale up to accommodate the explosion of growth expected in digital customer service. Easy, future-proof, scalable: Unified Messaging Edition and Digital Customer Engagement Edition have all the key qualities to make them a long-lasting, winning solutions for the digital-first era.

For more information about customer interactions across all channels, see the "Manage customer interactions" chapter of the Pega Customer Service Implementation Guide on the Pega Customer Service product page.

To find out more about the Unified Messaging Edition, see the Unified Messaging Edition product page on Pega Community.

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