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Create the ideal user experience with re-imagined Pega Cosmos design system (8.5)

In a world where the pace of change continues to accelerate, making every moment count is more crucial than ever for sales success. To solve today’s new challenges and improve seller productivity, a new class of sales automation UX design can help pave the way forward. With Pega’s re-imagined Cosmos design system, now available in Pega Sales Automation 8.5, your business has the power to collaborate more freely, build even faster, and surface more insights.

"Opportunity screen in Cosmos"

Opportunity screen in Cosmos

An app your sales rep will love to use

We understand that you cannot solve today’s challenges with yet another system of information. With Pega Cosmos design system, your sales team has access to a dynamic user interface that is built for prioritizing the right activities at the right time. Rather than having to search to find insights, Cosmos surfaces the most important information and work first, based on user context.

With reusable UX patterns that help sellers move seamlessly move through navigation and interactions, this intuitive design system is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. For sales reps and managers, these consistent experiences drive more productive outcomes, enhance collaboration across external and internal teams, and radically reduce training time. With less time needed to learn how to navigate Sales Automation, your team can focus on what they do best – selling.

"Cosmos information architecture"

Cosmos Information Architecture

A win-win for sellers and IT

Cosmos uses a shared collection of clear standards and reusable components that save development time and reduces cost. With simple drag-and-drop technology, your team can design repeatable sales processes that radiate across your business and sales personas. With code that is always kept up-to-date, your team can focus on user experience – a win-win for IT and business users.

For more information about Pega Cosmos design system, see the Pega Sales Automation 8.5 Release Notes on the Pega Sales Automation product page.

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