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Deliver timely actions with AI-fueled Next Best Action enhancements (8.3)

The customer interactions that are constantly occurring across your digital channels act as the fuel that grow your pipeline. However, with so much data coming in 24/7, it can be challenging to parse out what to focus on, who to engage with, and when to take action. Using the latest Next Best Action enhancements, your sales team is empowered with AI insights and real-time recommended actions related to your contacts, leads, accounts, and current pipeline.

Now, your sales team is equipped with AI-fueled capabilities that eliminate selling blind spots and help drive strong engagement across the entire selling journey.

Take action when it’s timely and relevant

Timeliness and relevance are crucial when it comes to driving engagement across the selling journey. And with so much of the power being in your customer’s hands, your sales team needs a tool that helps them reach out at the right time.

Pega’s Next Best Actions centered around pipeline and contact management guide your team with prescriptive insights on leads, contacts, and accounts in the moments that count. For example, when a lead downloads an asset off of your website or has been inactive for 2 weeks, your rep knows when and how to engage next.

Guide reps to the right strategies

When balancing busy schedules and vast amounts of data, your reps and managers need a tool that brings insight to them. Rather than having to search for information within your system and potentially miss critical pieces of insights, Pega’s Next Best Action capabilities suggest actions, offers, and content that are relevant, scalable, timely, and contextual within an easily navigated dashboard. With these enhanced guided selling capabilities, your team can carry out the right strategies and drive real conversations about the subjects that your customers care about.

"Pega's Next Best Action capability"

Pega's Next Best Action capability

For more information, about how Pega’s Next Best Actions are transforming engagement across the entire selling journey, see Next best actions in Pega Sales Automation.


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