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Automatically generate OpenAPI Specification documentation for application REST APIs (8.3)

In App Studio, you can view the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3.0 documentation generated for your application REST APIs by using the new Application tab in the API channel. The Application tab provides a single location for viewing all the application-specific REST APIs that your application documents so that you can easily find, understand, and test them. The following figure shows an example of the list of REST APIs that are displayed on the Application tab.

"rest apis"
Application tab with list of REST APIs

In Dev Studio, the Integration & security tab of your application rule now includes a Service Packages section. You can curate the list of services that are documented in your application by listing the service packages that contain them in your application rule. For example, if you list a service package called myDemoPackage in your application rule, the REST APIs for the services included in myDemoPackage are displayed on the Application tab in App Studio. The following figure shows the Service Packages section of the application rule.

"service packages"
Service Packages section of the application rule

Additionally, in Dev Studio, you can use the OpenAPI tab in the service package rule to view the automatically generated OAS documentation for all the REST services in the service package in YAML and Swagger UI. The following figure provides an example of the OpenAPI tab for a healthcare application API.

OpenAPI tab in the service package rule

For more information, see Generating OpenAPI Specification documentation for application-specific REST APIs.

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