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Enrich your Proposition Filter rules with conditions based on strategy results (8.4)

When designing proposition filters, you can now include strategy outcomes as a condition to be evaluated. Select a strategy and specify the component that you want to use as output to include more advanced decisioning in your proposition filters.

For example, you can use a strategy to indicate that a proposition filter must exclude propositions that were already accepted by a specific customer. In this way, you can avoid showing the customer an ad for a product that they already own. To do this, create a strategy that uses Interaction History to check the latest accepted propositions, as in the following figure:

Sample strategy
"Sample strategy"
Sample strategy

After you create the strategy, register it as a relevant record, and then select the strategy as a proposition filter criterion, as in the following figure:

Sample proposition filter configuration
"Sample proposition filter configuration"
Sample proposition filter configuration

The proposition filter now excludes already accepted propositions, and thus delivers more relevant results for the customer.

For more information, see Understanding relevant records.

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