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Improve the performance of your Next-Best-Action strategy by using globally optimized strategies (8.6)

Starting in version 8.6, Pega Platform™ introduces the globally optimized strategy (GOS), which increases the performance of strategy execution. This capability is built into Next-Best-Action Designer, but can also be used with your custom strategies. GOS decreases the run time and memory usage of strategy execution in batch and real-time scenarios by wrapping your top-level (entry) strategy within a globally optimized strategy.

Next-Best-Action Designer is a key feature of Pega Customer Decision Hub™, Pega's main solution for one-to-one customer engagement. Next-Best-Action Designer provides an easy to use, opinionated way to define, manage, and monitor your Next-Best-Action strategy, and deliver actions to customers across your inbound and outbound channels. In version 8.6, Next-Best-Action Designer detects and notifies users of any next-best-action triggers (for example, container, event, or schedule triggers) that can be optimized, as in the following figure:

Next-Best-Action Designer showing a notification for non-GOS triggers
"Next-Best-Action Designer showing a notification for non-GOS triggers"
Next-Best-Action Designer showing a notification for non-GOS triggers

Triggers are automatically optimized as soon as you edit and save the Channels tab of Next-Best-Action Designer.

GOS is supported by Pega Platform's standard business change management process. GOS rules are automatically included in relevant revision packages.

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