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Monitor branch quality with the new branch quality dashboard (8.4)

You can track the quality metrics of your branch by using the new branch quality dashboard.

By monitoring the condition of your branch, you can detect and address potential problems at an early stage to make sure that the eventual merge process runs smoothly.

You can access the branch quality dashboard in Dev Studio. The data is refreshed every time that you open the dashboard. You can also manually refresh the data at any time.

The following figure shows the layout of the new branch quality dashboard.

Branch quality dashboard
Branch quality dashboard
Branch quality dashboard


You can use the new dashboard to track the branch guardrail compliance score and the number of guardrail violations. You can check the percentage and number of rules that the tests cover. You can also monitor the percentage and number of unit tests that passed for the selected branch.

You can analyze the quality of your branch in detail by viewing these branch quality metrics:

  • Merge conflicts: Check the details of potential merge conflicts between your branch and the main application trunk.
  • Warnings: View, filter, and check individual guardrail warning details.
  • Uncovered rules: View, filter, and select the details of rules that are not covered by test cases.
  • Failed unit tests: Analyze the details of unit tests that have failed.
  • Rules without unit tests: See the details of rules that do not have any associated unit tests.

For more information about the branch quality dashboard, see Viewing branch quality and branch contents.

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