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Plan successful microjourneys in App Studio (8.4)

For more detailed and user-friendly planning of your application development, you can visualize your business processes by creating microjourneys™. By implementing this Pega Express™ methodology in App Studio, you gather the most important factors in your cases on one screen, so that you can understand your customers' needs. Microjourneys represent a set of actions that result in a specific outcome, and you base your microjourney on the following elements:

  • Case types, which represent the paths of your business processes
  • Personas, which visualize the people who interact with your cases
  • The data that your cases require to reach a resolution

By focusing on one microjourney at a time, you ensure that you plan your application in the most efficient way, to maximize the effects of your development process. For example, in an HR application, you can design a microjourney for reviewing job applications.  

For enhanced capturing of your customers' requirements, you can quickly create new personas and data objects that you can associate with case types. After you plan your microjourney, the draft relationships between cases, personas, and data objects help your team to estimate the amount of time and effort that they need to implement these items, so that you can start processing cases sooner.

The following figure shows the association of a persona with a case type:

Creating a draft relationship between a persona and a case type
Creating a draft relationship between a persona and a case type
Creating a draft relationship between a persona and a case type

To experience an intuitive, no-code, and user-friendly journey, update your application in App Studio to include the new features.

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