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Release urgent business rule updates through fast-track change requests (8.3)

You can now address high-priority business needs more efficiently through fast-track change requests. This new type of change request provides a mechanism to quickly deploy urgent changes, without disrupting revisions that are in progress.

To complete a fast-track change request, strategy designers can address high priority changes within the context of the enterprise application, isolated from the regular revision process. Upon approval, such change requests are immediately ready for deployment as part of a new, automatically created revision.

As a revision manager, you can create a fast-track change request in the following ways:

  • Create a dedicated fast-track change request.
  • Convert a regular change request that has been approved.

The following video demonstrates how to create and resolve a fast-track change request in a Pega Marketing application:

The following example provides an overview of a revision that contains two change requests, one of which is a fast-track change request. The fast track change request is approved and packaged. You can deploy it while the regular change request is still in progress.

Regular and fast-track change requests in a revision
Regular and fast-track change requests in a revision

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