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System performance has a direct impact on user productivity and business value. The accuracy and satisfaction of interactive users is affected by their perceptions of system performance and response time. In addition, some applications have deadlines or cutoffs with direct business impacts, and must have sufficient capacity and performance to handle peak arrivals of new work.

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Rule execution and building for performance

Highly productive Pega applications supporting tens of thousands of busy users, millions of work objects, and hundreds of thousands of interactions per hour are in use worldwide. While these show the scale that is possible, achieving such high performance requires adherence to good design and implementation practices. Best results are often achieved through performance analysis and tuning projects that may involve hardware, operating system, network, database, and workstation browser changes, in addition to evolution of the Pega application.

Designing and building for performance
Preassembling rules in an application by using the Static Assembler utility
Lightweight lists

Node classification and management

You can optimize performance and provide higher scalability and stability in a cluster by using node classification, which is the process of separating nodes, segregating them by purpose, and predefining their behavior.

Node classification
Best practices for starting and stopping nodes in a Pega cluster
Load-balancing a multi-node cluster

Alerts and guardrails

Included in the development methodology are guardrails: advice and best practices that contribute to performance, maintainability, and usabillity. Built-in features help achieve good performance; when necessary for special situations you can bypass these features, but doing so can affect performance.

Performance alerts, security alerts, and Autonomic Event Services
Alerts for asynchronous data page processing
Alert log message data

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