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An activity is a rule that corresponds in many ways to a traditional, procedural program in any programming language. Application designers who have programming experience often find activity rules in Pega easy to learn and understand. 

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Reference a specific instruction, known as a method, in each step as you use activity rules. Methods allow developers to manage activities efficiently.

When to set the WriteNow parameter in the Obj-Sav and Obj-Delete methods

Building and Testing Activities

Activity rules are similar to programs in traditional programming languages as they contain a sequence of procedural, atomic steps that are by default executed top down, can perform calculations, can retrieve, update and save data, call other activities, and contain loops or iterations.

Save work object details in embedded pages 

Java in Activities and Other Rules

In a Java step, the step page must exist before you enter your Java code. Browse this portion of Java and Activities articles and support info to learn more about Connect Java rules, Java steps, and more.

A Java step requires an existing step page

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